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Don’t you just love all of those stories about people who mortgage their homes, beg, borrow, or steal from friends to get their movie made? It hits the festival circuit, plays at several huge films festivals getting a “greenlight” for theatrical distribution resulting resulting in a theatrical run. That’s a lot of crap and it does not happen. In an interview I was given with director Peter Bogdanovich he explained to me several things: First that all of the big boys in Hollywood have their “independent studios”,like Fox Searchlight, Sony Pictures Classics, Focus Features (owned by Universal), etc. He went on to explain that if a film was bankrolled more than 50% by the studio it was no longer in the arena of independent film. He stated, “The biggest problem today is that film cost too damn much money to make and 9 out of 10 Hollywood films lose money…….real money……millions and millions of dollars at the box office. If it were not for ancillary sales like plastic tumblers at Burger King, toys in McDonalds Happy Meals, celebrity endorsements, and overseas marketing, Big Budget film would be cut off at the knees. Oh and let’s not forget the “remakes”, celluloid insurance policies that guarantee all of the above”.


That’s what we do. Films have lower budgets but great production value. We produce socially and environmentally conscious documentaries, human interest films, and kick ass narratives, both shorts and feature length. So check us out. I will stand my team up against any Hollywood hotshot anytime. Check out our work, the site, the people involved. Then let’s get into trouble—

Dr. Benjamin Meade